Saturday, 13 April 2013


    Some photographs I took before setting off the ticket butterflies, 
    trying to represent migration and travel.

   Some more photographs sent in of what people have done with the butterflies
   they found, great photographs and a big thank you to everyone who
   shared them!


"I found one of your lovely ticket butterflys this morning at Birmingham
Coach Station, and took it with me on a not-very-scenic trip up the motorway
to Liverpool.

I stuck it to the window and took some weird, some nice pictures of it.

I hope you like them.  Thanks for leaving something to keep me
company/entertained on an otherwise uneventful trip home. I think my fellow
passengers thought I was odd, but hey ho, I enjoyed myself.

I'm off to check out the blog now to see what other people have done with
your butterflies...

Thanks, and all the best with your project.

PS - Although I want to keep the butterfly, I'm going to set it free, by
leaving it somewhere in Liverpool where I think it'll find a new friend to
do fun things with it!"

Last weekend I picked up one of you butterfly tickets at Tebay Services on the M6 going north. 
This week one of your Butterflies made it to CERN via Glasgow and Edinburgh.
Some photographs are attached. I sent them full size so you can re-size them for your blog if you wish. They show the Visitor center dome and the colorful building is the ATLAS Experiment control center.
Really good idea."

 "Ticket butterfly at camera obscura in Edinburgh :)"
  Alice McNicol

"I found this butterfly in Glasgow and popped it into my bag and totally forgot about it! Ive just recently come across when I was in Subway with my boyfriend. So this butterfly has travelled down to Blackpool! So heres a picture of your butterfly, oh and my boyfriend x"
Blossom McKay

"Hello. I found one of your butterflies in Leicester Square Station, on Monday 8th of April, around seven 'o' clock at night. 
I followed the instructions on the back of your butterfly and thought I might as well do what it said.

When I found the butterfly, I immediantly smiled and thought that it was something that could brighten anyone's day. It even makes me wanna do something that you are doing too.

I'm not sure how long it had been there for, or how long you are doing a project for, but even if this was a long time ago. I thought that I might as well email you to say that I found this."

Yours sincerely,

"I plan to share the butterfly with my classmates till each of them find their own so the butterfly can travel everywhere."

"I found this in a parking ticket machine on the barbican in Plymouth. I'm gonna take it home and give it to my wife"
Josh Trunfull


"I think your little travelling butterfly is an amazing idea! I'm a great fan of geocaching and this immediately reminded me of it! I found it in the Elizabethan Gardens on the Plymouth Barbican.

Please see below a picture of how your butterfly and I made friends:)

Can't wait to find the next one!"

Desiree Knespel.


"Here's a couple of pictures of a ticket butterfly I found in Plymouth and set free in the Czech Republic 

In front of the oldest astronomical clock in the world.

And again in the main square :)"

Josh Trunfull

"I picked up one in Exeter St. Davids, put it in my pocket and found it a week later.
I just so happened to be on the Red Sea Coast in Egypt!"

Celia Cruwys

Janet Griffiths


I found this kind butterfly at Kings Cross station.

It keeps on changing from taking a sunbath at my window's bedroom or resting on the wall together with my postcards."



Wednesday, 27 March 2013


If you have found any ticket butterflies and would like to comment/ share photos/ opinions please comment on this post.

Getting some great responses, keep them coming!

Monday, 25 March 2013


The hiding starts today, and will continue over the next 20 days..
A few hints on where you can find them- behind brochures in train stations or malls, in cabs/buses/trains, vending machines or phone booths and many more places so keep an eye!
Don't forget to send me feedback/ opinions/ images etc on the blog or
Hope you find your butterfly, Happy Easter!

Hidden Butterflies 

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Ticket Butterflies

People travel everyday, for work, tours or visiting, it could get hectic or boring sometimes, which is why I thought hiding several hundred butterflies made from tickets in trains, buses, cabs, tourist spots etc would add a little fun and surprise for travellers. 

If you find any of these feel free to keep them and if you want to tell me what you thought about them or send me images of what you did with them, please email me and I will post the emails onto this blog. Also if you have an comments or recommendations it would be great to hear from you.

Each one of those are hand cut from tickets to the shape of Monarch butterfly as they are known to travel 3000 kms a year and it links closely to us travellers. They will be hiding all over UK very soon!